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Gallery.  A quick look at past work

Site Map.  This page

Background.  What is Sand Carving?  What are the steps in the carving process?

Equipment.  What equipment is needed to sand carve glass?

    Computing resources required

    Photoresist myths and truths

    Darkroom needs: exposure and development

    Studio tools: blast booth, tools, and exhauster

Edge lit bases.  Sand carved glass comes alive when edge lit.  Designing and fabricating good bases is a significant challenge; there ARE some good ones available commercially, at a very reasonable price. 

Technique.  Current challenges in pushing the art.  (I learn "humility" at least once a day.)

    Texture efforts: adding texture and pattern on top of deep carving

    A personal critique of work to date

    Early lessons learned

About Us.  How to find us in Sequim; local map

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