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OK, here's a techie page for someone wondering about equipment and supplies.  I'll start with some rants on photoresist, then move on to equipment.  But, I've got to include at least one paragraph on my favorite tool, Silly Putty.  Why here?  Well, there didn't seem to be a better place to put it. 

The Joys of Industrial Silly Putty

If you do much detail work, and multistage carve, you will encounter instances where you must remask to allow one item to go deep, while keeping an adjacent item shallow.  Some of the motorcycle pieces have a fender support (very slim, maybe 1.5 point line) intersecting a spoke (slimmer yet, maybe 3/4 or 1/2 point line).  I had been masking the spokes with vinyl tape, and usually pulling up the resist when I removed it (not a good thing).  Don Niland suggest using modeling clay or silly putty.  The silly putty solution is amazing, and will save many hours of tedious work.  No kidding.  And, you can copy sections of the Sunday funnies when you're wanting to be amused.  Thanks, Don!

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The computing section describes the machines and programs we use.  Remember that Mary Anne is a professional graphics designer, and the equipment reflects her needs for her work.  It's possible to create computing resources for glass carving that are much simpler, particularly if super fine lines are not the objective.

The photoresist page allows me to rant a bit about common myths and truths I've encountered concerning these products.

The darkroom page covers exposure and development equipment.

Our studio houses the blast cabinet and its tools, and has an adjacent utility shed that contains the exhaust system.

Edgelit Bases page describes Jim Dowler's edgelit bases, and also some custom bases I've learned how to build. 

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