Mucha Artwork - Work in Progress

The work below shows some  techniques I started employing in December 2002.  The piece is 8x10 portrait, 1/4 inch jade.  All work done on  4 mil UltraPro Blue, including second resist (face chain).  The photo below still shows some remaining glitches, and crudeness in the carving.  Lines range down to 1/4 point (0.0035 inches).  I'll redo this on 1/2 inch glass, with deeper carving for the final. 

This work started with the great vector art of the face done by Angie and Greg at our fall workshop here in Richland.  I've added the body, and a fair level of detail, and changed the fabric in the dress so that the folds of cloth can be very deeply carved.  One version of the art will be done on a 6x10 inch blank, and edge lit from the left hand side.   It will also be used in some short  doors (along with a companion piece) in our house, at about twice its current size. 



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