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This site documents my glass work from 2000 to 2004. That year, we moved from Richland to Sequim, and set up the carving equipment. I've tried to return to carving, but I've had some setbacks (a series of mostly recoverable strokes) that have made carving a little too challenging - especially doing the really detailed work. I've decided to part with the equipment, and feel compelled to do a little more documentation while I still can - I've gotten many requests for more details, particularly on the cabinet.

I'll be parting with all my carving equipment during the summer of 2008. Irene will be helping coordinate the sale. Since I live in a remote area (Sequim) and won't be shipping anything, this will be of interest only to those within driving distance.

I've put a Picasa album on line here with a lot more information. Contact me or Irene for more information if you are interested.

Equipment list:

Blasting Cabinet - See photos on line and this section

  1. Custom 48 by 32 cabinet
  2. Skat blast pressure pot
  3. HF pressure pot with Pickard Tee
  4. Glastar foot switch
  5. Pickard custom open lock gun
  6. 2 cabinet mounted regulators
  7. About 100 pounds of 220 grit SiC, some unused

Exposure Equipment - See photos on line

  1. Letralite exposure unit
  2. NuArt Vacuum frame
  3. Vacuum pump
  4. 1000W light unit

Wash Equipment

  1. Homebuilt (but elegant!) wash box
  2. Pressure gun modified with metric/Karcher fittings

Exhaust Equipment

  1. Grizzly 1 hp exhauster
  2. Custom one micron bags
  3. Separator

Other stuff

  1. Large assortment of glass blanks
  2. Scitex/Jim Dowler LED lighted bases

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