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Why did we move (again)?

We tend to measure our quality of life against the amount of time we can spend, doing the things we love.  Outdoors, we love to hike, and look forward to exercising our bikes.  We have both enjoyed photography for years, and many times the quest for a good photo has driven us to explore new places. 

After getting an initial taste of rural life in our 2004 move to Sequim, we came to value our privacy even more. In our new home, we have just a tiny view of a part of one neighbor's house. Careful planting will remove that, and then we'll have 360 degrees of trees and pond.

By locating behind the first group of hills South of Sequim, we've also managed to nearly eliminate the breeze that sometimes developed at our former home. So, we'll have more days out on our covered porch. Also, Mary Anne and Jim each have more studio space in the new place. In total, it adds to more privacy, more Zen, more time outside.

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