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Construction Progress

Here are some selected photos from our construction experience during the spring and summer of 2004.  Cornerstone Builders did the work, and the entire process was really a lot of fun, and missing the stress that many people find in their building experience. 

April 2005 update - We've completed most of our unpacking, but much remains to be done before this house is "home".  There are pictures that need to be hung, and some of the shop equipment is not quite operational.  The lot has been contoured and amended, and sprinklers have been installed, but the grass and plants will have to wait 'til June. 

We're really enjoying the mild weather.  Our south facing deck is sheltered from prevailing winds, making it a warm and comfortable place to sit when the sun is out, even in December.   And, we've begun to work with a non-profit art group in Port Townsend, to meet regional artists. 

We broke ground March 26, 2004; by April 21, decking was complete


By May 13, the trusses arrived


By August 10, interior painting was nearly complete, and the Brazilian Cherry flooring had arrived.


 August 20-23, and the flooring is going down!



Move-in date was October 7, 2004

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