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Photo Gallery

This rainbow picture of our house was taken by our neighbor, Diane Clementi, in mid-July 2004.  Click on the image for a larger photo. 


Here's one of Mary Anne's works in progress - The inside of the house, viewed with her back to the windows.  MOST of the boxes are gone, but you can still see a few by the bookcase.


Click on the photo above to see a large panorama, taken from our property in Sequim.


These are aerial photos taken about five years ago that show our lot and its surroundings.   Since the photo was taken there have been some more houses built in our little development; we've indicated these by the red squares in the photos. (Click on the little pictures to see the big pictures.) 



Here's Mary Anne on a recent walk through the Dungeness Recreation Area, about a mile from our house.  That's Hurricane Ridge in the background, part of the Olympic National Park.  Port Angeles is off in the background, on the right.  From this spot, you can see eagles, whales, and big ocean going vessels.  On a clear day, Victoria BC (19 miles away) can be seen directly behind me, across the Strait of Juan de Fuca.   We really like the sound of the surf from this trail. 

This gnarled old Madrona tree has been battered by many Pacific storms.  It's located at the Dungeness recreation center, a nice 20 minute walk from our place.

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