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Climate, Rain shadow and the "Blue Hole"




An examination of the precipitation map for the Northwest shows a curious phenomenon: up in the upper left-hand corner of the state, surrounded by heavy rainfall areas, exists a relatively dry region.  Sequim receives about 16 inches of rain a year.  Its climate was too dry to support crops until irrigation water was released in 1896.  Go 20 miles West, and Port Angeles receives 25; Port Townsend, 27 miles East, receives 19, about the same as Walla Walla.  The Olympic mountains provide this benefit by blocking the prevailing winds, and much of the moisture.    Sequim certainly receives its share of weather, but boasts of at least a little sunshine, most every day of the year. 

Here's our favorite weather link: http://www.wunderground.com/US/WA/Sequim.html

and one that we use for tide tables:



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