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Routes from Eastern Washington

There really is no easy way.  At one time or another, we've done all of these:
  If you enjoy Ferry rides, take number 3. 
  If you want the fastest, try number 2. 
  If you want scenic and absolutely hate traffic, try number 1. 
  (Read descriptions below.)

There are basically five ways to get there from here:

Starting from the South:

1.  Through Packwood and White Pass.  359 miles, slow going, but beautiful at the right time of year and weather. 
The trip up the West side of Hood Canal is wonderful in a car with the top down (did this twice). 

2.  Through Snoqualmie Pass, Auburn, and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. 
Noisy, busy through the lower Puget Sound.  330 miles, but no ferries. 
This is the fastest route, and takes about five and a half hours. 
Time it to miss heavy traffic through Tacoma. 

3.  Through Snoqualmie Pass and Seattle, take the Ferry to Bainbridge Island. 
I 90 drops you almost at the downtown ferry terminal. 
Actually this is a very pretty trip, too, if you're traveling at low traffic. 
This is the shortest distance at 283 miles, but you need to factor in a ferry crossing, and waiting in line. 
In sunny weather, the ferry crossing can be stunning, with views of Mount Rainier, the Seattle skyline, and the Olympic Mountains. 
The total trip will take on average about 6 hours, plus the cost of the ferry at $15 one way. 
If you take this route, be sure to get out of your car, and go up to the very top deck for a 360 degree view of the area. 

4.  Just for fun - through Stevens Pass, take the Edmonds Ferry, to 104, then to 101.  337 miles, plus a ferry.

5.  Really crazy - take the North Cascades Pass.  452 miles. 
Come down through Whidbey Island and the Port Townsend Ferry. 
This takes a very long day, and an adventurous spirit.



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