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We are now located in the Northwestern-most part of Washington State, about six miles South and west of Sequim. 

Since May 22, 2010, our location is:

Jim Yount

Mary Anne Lauby

322 Sunny View Lane

Sequim Washington 98382

(360) 681-7660

In the last year or so since we started planning our move, we've gotten many questions about the place in the far North-Western corner of Washington state with the funny name.  Sequim (pronounced "skwim") is an Indian word meaning either "quiet waters" or "place to hunt", depending on which version of local history you believe.  It is our hope that these pages will help answer some of those questions, and help our friends from Eastern Washington find their way here to visit.  Many have also asked about retiring here.  There are many positive reasons to do so, and a few negatives we considered when making the choice; both are listed on the things to do page.

Finding us

To begin with, we really aren't in Sequim, strictly speaking.  We're located in rural Clallam county, about six miles South and West of town.   Naming streets seems to be a local industry; you'll need a map to find us; there are some maps here that will help.

Getting here from Eastern Washington

Going from the South East corner of the state to the very Northwestern corner will take at least five and a half hours, by the shortest (and least scenic) route.  It is therefore difficult to visit here from Eastern Washington on a weekend; plan on spending a few days, at least.  One suggestion would be to take one of the scenic routes (several are really very pretty) and make getting here half the fun.  This page outlines the routes, and tells you what we've learned on taking each of them. 

Photo Gallery

We've accumulated photos that show some of our favorite places up here.  Take a look.

Climate: weather expectations

Sequim is in a "blue hole" of dry weather, with an annual rain fall (16 inches) drier than Walla Walla.  It is the sunniest spot in Western Washington.    Check out the weather links on this page.

What to pack

There's a lot more here, in addition to choices about packing an umbrella, and whether you should take your passport on trips to Victoria (yes).  Read more here.

Things to do

The Olympic Peninsula is a vacation destination for many people.  Most are attracted by the scenery; others find the Victorian city of Port Townsend, the charm of Victoria BC, or one of the many festivals or events hard to resist.  Explore more using the links on this page.

Why did we move? (again)

After building from scratch in 2004, we did it again in 2009, right in the middle of the housing slump. We found that our beautiful view on the golf course also included the golfers, mostly nice folks, but not as secluded as we would like. We bought new property (4.3 acres) with an open sunny meadow surrounded by dense woods and a large pond. Many friends are also planning their retirement, and we get lots of questions about our choice.  This is a great place, but it's not for everyone. Give us a call, and we'll be happy to share our reasons.

Our Construction Experience

We designed our own home, with the help of friends and some design resources. Construction was by Windhorse. We are especially pleased with the quality of the construction, and the attitude of the guys doing the work.  

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