Judy's Angel

Christmas 2002


I grew up with Judy Powell Free.  Her beautiful face haunts the stack of class photos from grade school, junior high, and brings back fond memories from high school.  We never dated, but I do admit to a secret crush when we were both about 13.  By the time high school rolled around, Ken Free had discovered what a treasure she is, and they started dating.  Nearly half a century later, they're still dating, and I genuinely admire the life they've built together. 

We lost track of each other after high school, and it wasn't until an "all class" reunion in 2000 that we got reacquainted.  I was delighted to find that my friend had become a stunning and gracious lady.  She has also become quite an artist, with a style of her own, and almost a whimsy in some of her pieces.  You can see her work here: http://www.agofs.com/Free1.htm

This piece is based on a simple sketch that Judy did for Christmas one year.  I did some restyling to make the design work better in glass.  I particularly like the reflected light from the halo, that lights up the top of the angel's head.

Thanks, Judy.

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